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Don't worry it is still available ...but has been updated and expanded into your favorite formats.

As requested:
Hardcover, Paperback,
Kindle options

Available Now!

Grab a copy for yourself and one (or dozens)
to give away at your local Pride events or as a part of your
church's outreach or evangelism ministry. 

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All Formats :

  • Now more reader-friendly

  • Includes additional compelling insights into the LGBTQ+ community

  • Unveils a brand new take on Proverbs 31

  • Introduces you to a never-before-heard Biblically-based gender theory

A Professionally Narrated
Audible Version Coming Soon!


What Readers are Saying About DISGENDERED :

"As the parent of a transgender child, it provided a lot of great information."
~ Sherry E.

"Once I started reading it I just couldn't stop. It spelled out so well many thoughts I have had about most of those identifying as LGBTQ."
~ Becca M.

"I suggest anyone interested in personally dealing with this issue to give it a read. It comes from a place of love and a sincere interest in someone being able to live a happy life."
~ Anon.

"This [book] really explains how complicated the subject is."
~ Scott R.

The best recommendation of all comes from Connie R.

 In a lengthy multiperson Facebook conversation:

With her preconceived thoughts of the book dispelled, Connie R. proceeded to advocate for DISGENDERED  by urging her peers of the LGBTQ+ community to not give up on reading it by telling them to "try [it] again" despite reservations to the contrary. With amazement, she expressed shock that such "a religion-based source would have this stance" and be as helpful as DISGENDERED truly is...

What a great endorsement from someone who identified as a part of the LGBTQ+ community! Thanks for not allowing previous learning to influence you and for remaining open-minded. Way to go Connie!
~ Mikel Kelly (author)


See for yourself why DISGENDERED should be your next  "must-read"

and learn how it can change your life.

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