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                         Professional Christian Counseling

Counselworx Certified Counselors

Counselworx Certified Counselors have gone above and beyond both state and personal educational requirements to achieve the highest standards of counseling competency and quality of care possible, by receiving specialized training in the following areas, and by demonstrating competency and proficiency in the use of these Counselworx models.

Demonstrated Competency

In addition to becoming active members of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and to adhering to the Counselworx Mission, Counselworx Certified Counselors have demonstrated competency and proficiency in presenting all of the following counseling models that are unique to only Counselworx Counselors:

Using the Model of Perceptions, Counselworx Certified Counselors are capable of using this model to graphically communicate how the mind and body interact to produce:

  • Conscious/Subconscious Analytical thought

  • Neurotransmitter causing emotions

  • Behaviors

  • Self-judgments

  • A Filter that "magnifies" or "minimizes" conclusions

         Overcoming Depression

Working backwards through the Model of Perceptions, Counselworx Certified Counselors are able to demonstrate how depression occurs and how changes in self judgment allow clients to overcome it.

          Decision Making

Using the Threats Model, Counselworx Certified Counselors have demonstrated competency in illustrating the various extremes of Fight, Flight or Freeze including:

  • "The Healthy Pathway"  
  • The 3 pathways of dysfunction
  • Effects of stress, cortisol  and adrenal production
  • The importance of communication in relationships

         Romantic Relationship Dynamics

Using the "Genesis 2:24 Cycle of Marital Intimacy" Counselworx Certified Counselors are able to graphically articulate:

  • What men and women tend to seek from romantic relationships
  • How safety valves operate and what God designed for them to do
  • The WNPS Sub-Cycle
  • The major dysfunctions that people choose in response to strained relationships
  • The purpose of pressure relief valves 
  • The 3 Components of the Energized Cycle of Intimacy

          The Observational Model of Communication 

Using the Observational Model of Communication, Counselworx Certified Counselors are able to demonstrate:

  • The superiority of Observational Communication over other models such as Speaker-Listener, "I" Statements and X,Y,Z Statements
  • Gender-based brain differences that influence thinking, behavior and conversational styles

         Psychological and Relationship Healing

Using the Grief-Mapping and U.S. 40 Models